SBT operation and maintainces

Smart Building Technologies Operation and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the single best way to keep building systems in peak operating condition – and protect your investment.

You’ve installed efficient building system and software, and hired a capable building staff. But your job has just begun. To ensure efficient and uninterrupted building performance – and meet your business goals – you need to maintain and renovate your equipment and systems. Keep your software updated. And ensure that your staff stays trained and productive

Smart Building Technologies offers a unique portfolio of building service – the most extensive in the industry. At the same time, our services are modular and contracts are flexible. You get customized service and support based on your unique business requirements, building system, staffing and budget.

Annual Maintenance Contract Can Help You to:

  • Minimize breakdowns and costly emergency repair
  • Reduce business disruptions from downtime.
  • Demonstrate proof of compliance for equipment codes and industry regulations.
  • Reduce energy and operating costs.
  • Ensure safe, secure, and consistent comfort conditions.
  • Extend equipment life.

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