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Our Solution Partner Lonix

Lonix Ltd. is the Finland based company. It is the leading provider of Intelligent BMS, Automation and Security System, with significant experience and recognized references around the world

Lonix Overview:

Lonix provides versatile systems and advanced solutions for Intelligent Buildings.

The cutting-edge Lonix Automation, integrating with Lonix Security, creates the perfect solution for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and security, optimal for all buildings where excellent quality is a requirement.

The scalable Lonix System allows for versatile solutions for a wide variety of needs, with references all around the world.

Lonix is considered one of the industry leaders in technology, intelligent applications and modern design.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Lonix has been involved in successfully implementing integrated automation solutions different countries around the world.

Its partnership network today covers Northern Europe, East Europe, Russia, South America and Central America, Middle East, Eastern Africa and Far East.

Provides a Open protocol LON based system.
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